Your card information will be secured by STRIPE and nobody will have access to your card numbers. After your first service you will receive your first invoice that will prompt you to pay online. After clicking pay online and entering your card info, and filling the required fields, then clicking ''pay now'' your first invoice will be paid. Moving forward after each service you will receive an invoice in your email notifying you how much you will be charged. You will have the option to then click pay now and take care of the balance right away. If you do not click pay now then your card will be charged for the balance 24 hours later. The 24 hour delay is in place to insure all services have been performed to your satisfaction before you are charged. While we strive for perfection mistakes do happen. If anything is ever missed or if any duty is performed improperly, let us know by phone, text, or email. Your card will not be charged until all is corrected. Also, your card cannot be charged by us without you knowing. The software provider we use does not allow us to create a charge without an emailed invoice to you. Every charge you receive from us will be emailed to you and charged after 24 hours. For more information on STRIPE click here.